Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekend Family BBQ

My parents had a BBQ over the weekend.  It was a blast!  The food was so AWESOME!  My mom and dad did a great job marinating and prepping all the meat before it hit the grill.  We had corn, pork ribs, chicken, and steak...oh I almost forgot we also had salad too!  After dinner the whole family walked to the neighborhood park, so our little ones can play on the swing.  Check out our pics below.

My dad's grill

Steaks and chicken 


Cooked chicken



Salad with a few ingredients from my mom's garden.

The ribs were taking way too long to cook so they decided to cut it up.

                                             The cook's refreshing reward for BBQ'ing

I picked out tomatoes from my mom's garden to use in Cupcake's meal this week.

A pic of my mom's tomato garden

Here Mama D with her prince.

Here you see Cupcake practicing the act of sharing! 

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