Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flower Power Party

1st Birthdays are always the most memorable ones for the parents. It's a huge milestone.  I started planning Cupcake's Birthday party back in May. The last time I planned something this big was my own wedding! I wanted something special for my daughter, so I enlisted Kelly Lyden from WH Hostess help. I told her I wanted flowers and the colors to be bright and cheerful. In a week, Kelly sent out an e-design board to get me inspired. Check it out!

Kelly chose her bold flower vine design for what she called my daughter's "flower power" party.

These are more items from Kelly's bold flower vine collection.  For all items such as cloth, plates, water bottle labels, you name it...check out her site.

This was put together by Kelly to help me get ideas for my daughter's dessert table!    The pics have links too, so it was so easy for me to find items I wanted to use!

More great inspiring ideas for my daughter's birthday!  Thank you Kelly for putting this e-board together!

I took Kelly's e-board suggestions and tried my best to implement them.  

I had Kelly create a "Welcome" sign.  I topped it off with pom poms I created from tissue paper.

Aren't these 8 oz water bottles just darling especially with Kelly's water bottle labels?!

These bottles of bubbles were a hit at the party.  I made the "Thank You" sign using a chopstick, ribbon, and 2 of Kelly's "Thank You" gift tags. 

These sidewalk chalks were also great!  It helped keep kids occupied for some time.  I ordered the cello and matching toppers from WH HOSTESS.  I just got a basket and decorated it with ribbon and a "Thank You" gift tag.

This was the dessert table.  I had to keep it on a smaller scale, since I knew parents wouldn't be too happy about this.  The Birthday cake is MIA in this pic because I didn't want the whip cream to melt away.

Tried to get candy to match the color of the party theme: green, orange, hot pink, and yellow.  I got all the candy from the Candy Warehouse per Kelly's suggestion!  Got Gummy Bears, M&Ms,  Orange Slices,  Whirly Pops, & Sour Balls.  The scoopers were from the Container Store.

Here, got stickers provided by Kelly to put on the cups which houses the Kettlecorn.

From right to left: The cupcake stand was from Martha Stewart and cupcakes were from a local bakery.  The cupcake toppers were Kelly's! The cupcake fondant toppers were from Two Sugar Babies, Kelly's recommendation.  Charynn (owner of Two Sugar Babies) was great!   I bought the treat bags and placed the "Thank You" gift tags on each one.   

Here's the chocolate cake with whip cream and strawberries.  This cost me $15!  My sister decorated it using Kelly's cupcake toppers and Charynn's fondant toppers.  She did a pretty good job!
Here's a close up of the cupcakes!  Charynn and Kelly collaborated so well!  Everything matched!
Here's Leia's Birthday banner also from Kelly!  
I made these from tissue paper.  
I rented the tables, chairs, and umbrellas.  I decided to go brown on the table cloths since there was already a lot of color from the centerpieces and the colorful balloons.

Here is picture of one of the centerpieces I created using Kelly's centerpiece stick.
Kelly also has a blog, called The Party Dress.  She shares party ideas and recipes to inspire any hostess out there!


  1. i LOVE Kelly and used her a few times and you did an amazing job! happybirthday to your little one!

  2. Thanks Lili! We both love Kelly as well. I can't wait to see her next TPD magazine. I have the last 2 mags on my nightstand which I pull out now and then for DIY inspiration. - Mama B.