Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something I wish I had when growing up.....Kay's Klips

Cupcake got these great clips and clip holder from a friend.  I love them so much I had to blog about it!
These are the creations of Tina who is the mastermind behind Kay's Klips .  She is a mom who started making hair clips for her daughter.  Then friends and family started noticing her unique and cute creations and encouraged her to start her own small business.  Thanks goodness for us she listened!

This is Cupcake's Klip Holder?  Isn't it nice?  I love how she can use this even when she's older to organize her hair clips. 

Kay's Klips come in different designs.

You can see the great detail that goes into each Klip.

The different ribbons Tina uses to cover each Klip and the cute embellishments coordinate perfectly!
The cupcake embellishment fits my daughter, since I call her Cupcake.

The panda Klip is my personal favorite.  I love pandas.  Wonder if I can wear this???

Tina's designs are unique, and you can't get these types of hair clips in stores.

I recently purchased a Klip holder and some Klips for a coworker's daughter who recently turned 1.  Tina was great and was very informative about which fabric for the Klip holder would match her nursery colors!  I also included the little girl's interests and she created Klips based on that!  She was very professional.  She even included a hand written thank you card!  Who even writes now?!   
   You can also check her out on her Facebook  page and follow her so you see her latest creations.

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