Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Baby

I arrived home from my weekly grocery shopping and lugged my bags to kitchen from the garage.  With bags on hand as I opened the door...expecting to hear a baby either crying or babbling,  I hear nothing...dead silence.  I looked around the house and just remembered Mr. Techie and my Prince went out to have some Father and Son time.  I slowly unpacked all the groceries and walked around the house.  It felt a little empty with out the cries and laughter of a felt REALLY empty...and a little weird like a huge part of my life just disappeared.  It's been a while since I experienced this type of silence.. going home to an empty house.

Realizing I have some time to myself...I wondered what I should do? Should I do some laundry, organize my son's dresser, or even start dinner...better yet take a short nap?? Instead, I decided on a great topic to write about for my blog...Through the Eyes of a Baby.  I can just randomly take pics around the house from the view point of my son.  Basically what he sees when he's at home, besides his mommy and daddy.  I wanted to see and understand how he sees the world around I started clicking away with my camera.

First up is his Fisher-price Rainforest Musical Gym.  He can be in this Gym for at least an hour without complaining.  He's like in his own little world.
Fisher-price Rainforest play mat

Colorful butterflies he tries to grab
This is what he see's when he lays on his back.  Wow! The gym looks so much fun from the view of a baby right?  All the colorful butterflies and dangling DOES make you want to reach for them.  He loves grabbing for the red parrot as well, guess it's the vibrant red that catches his eye.

The Red Parrot he loves to grab with his hands and feet!  Yes I said FEET!
This is what he sees while doing tummy time!  The coffee table looks mighty big as well as the floor pillow. My son currently loves to be on his tummy and tries to be on his tummy every chance he gets.  If you look back a month ago, he detested tummy time with all his might, and he made sure you knew it! Tummy time was a nightmare for Mr. Techie and me.
Coffee table with floor pillow in living area
One thing he absolutely loves is his Fisher-price Rainforest Jumparoo so I took pics of it as well. It's quite a setup he wonder why he loves it! 

What my Prince sees as he goes into the Rainforest jumper
All the wonderful sights and sounds as he plays on the jumparoo, now I know why he is always happy when he's jumping! Not only does he love to jump on the jumparoo, he also loves to spin around to explore all the cool and colorful toys around him.  Note from the picture below we taped the blue elephant.  There was a lot of reviews saying their child's hands getting caught between the elephant and the green rim which often left their child crying from the pain as well as a red bruise.  We didn't want this to happen so we ended up taping the blue elephant so he wouldn't be able to turn it.
He loves spinning the spinner non stop. 

Spinning Sun & Peek a boo Tiger

Spinning Blue Lizard with beads

This is his view of the couch as I carry him so I can sit and watch HGTV or Food Network while he sits on mommy's lap.

Sitting area in the Living room

Sofa our Family likes to hangout in

Pillows my son loves to lay on.  My mom made the paisley one!

At times he loves to sit in between the pillows rather than mommy's looks rather comfy. Pillows DO make any place more comfy and welcoming even through the eyes of a baby!

I thenwalked into the dining room and took shots of his Fisher-price feeding chair.

My son's feeding chair

Another view of my son's feeding chair

This is his view straight across when he sits on his feeding chair.  He's been curious about his two furry sisters I know why!  They look like moving stuff animals!  Can you see one of the cats in the pic below?

Front view from my son's seat

My son also loves the stove, especially when the sun shines through our skylight window in the kitchen.  The stove looks nice & shiny which he finds sooo appealing.

Stove in my kitchen

Our room is where my son loves to hang out.  He loves spending time with mommy and daddy on the bed cuddling with us in the early mornings. Again..the pillows!  He loves pillows!!  Of course we never leave him alone on the bed..but he loves to grab the pillows and crawl towards them!

Daddy and Mommy's bed

He also loves to stare at the ceiling light of our bedroom. Sometimes he goes in a trance just staring at it that I find myself calling him just to get his attention.

Ceiling light in my bedroom

As I took this picture, I heard the garage door open, and a baby's laugh can be heard.  My Prince and his Daddy were back from their Father and Son outing.   I was happy to hear them..happy to know they are back home... happy to be hearing the sounds of a baby.

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