Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apricot Puree

Although I've only made apple puree and baby avocado shake for my son, I find making baby food fun.  Sure I don't have time to cook meals for my husband and myself, but for some reason finding time to make baby food always happens.  This week I tried making apricot puree.  I recently got a box of apricots from a friend of mine who has an apricot tree in her front yard.  Mama B and I decided to split the box and make baby food with it.  Since my son just started solids, he is still in Stage 1 so I just made apricot puree.  It's pretty straight forward and all you need are
  • Apricots

  • Steamer (I use my rice cooker)

  • Food Processor (I use my Cuisinart hand held blender)
I simply cut the apricots in halves, take out the pit, and place them in my steamer basket
I love the gorgeous orange color.
I steam the apricots for about 15-20 minutes.  It really depends on your steamer and how hot it gets. Once the apricots are soft and tender they are ready.  Let them cool and begin to peel the skin off. After you peeled the skin off, the apricots are ready for puree!

Tender Apricots, cooling for peeling
Peeled Apricots
Ready to be Puree

Chopping the peeled apricots

Yummy! Perfectly sweet.
A quick taste test and it's ready!  Perfectly smooth and sweet for my Prince.  Any extra Apricot Puree I have I store using the Munchkin Fresh Food storage cups and immediatly put them in the freezer!

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