Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Magical World of B.

If you've visited Target's toy area you have probably noticed B. toys.  These toys are made with whimsical colors that stand out from the rest of the toys and somehow take you back to your own childhood.  I am talking about B. toys.  My daughter as well as my hubby and I love B. toys.  My daughter loves their Zany Zoo cube.  This toy keeps her occupied and entertained, which makes me happy.  I even enjoy playing with it.

I love the colors on the Zany Zoo.  Not too bright and overpowering...yet still fun and playful.  The cube is composed of 5 sides with 5 different activities.

  • The top has a lot of loopty-loo routes for your little ones to play with.   It even has little wooden shaped animals you can move  as well!  
  • One side has doors that open and reveal an animal which is painted in great detail.
  • Another side is composed of spinners which represent the alphabet.  

  • Another side has 3 zigzag paths your little one can play with to race up and down
  • Another side to match animal heads with bodies.

Here's a closeup of the spinners which has the alphabet on them.  My fave is the "p" with panda!
The toys are BPA-free, lead-free, phathalate-free.  The paint is soy-based and varnish is water-based. The cubes have friendly rounded corners.  Notice no sharp edges in the pics.  B.toys is Green as well.  Packaging is made from recycled products.

Check them out at Target!

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