Urban Warrior of the Month

Meet our Urban Warrior of the Month: Cindy Ja!

1.) What do you do for a living and why did you choose that career?

I'm a Yoga instructor, and Yoga studio owner - Yoga @ Cindy's.  I honestly don't feel like I chose to become a Yoga instructor.  A series of seemingly unrelated decisions led me to where I am today.  I'm glad to have "fallen" into my career because it combines a few of my passions: yoga/health and wellness, business and daily interaction with "real" people.

2.) How do you balance your busy career with being the best parent you can be?

This is a tough one...I often feel like this is an ongoing battle, as I'm sure so many other working moms do.  Since I do not have clearly defined "work" and "mommy" time, I try my best to make the time that I'm home with him "mommy" time, which means no sitting at the computer trying to get work done.  When I need to get work done I head to the studio.  That way I can be more efficient and have some sort of clearly defined work hours.  It also helps that I have a wonderful, supportive partner that helps to shoulder the parental responsibilities when things with the business can't wait.

3.) What advice would you give for other working parents & expecting parents?

Enjoy your babies at every moment.  They grow up so fast.  When you are at home with them, really be truly present and not just physically there, but mentally somewhere else.  Also, don't forget to squeeze in personal time for yourself....it helps when having to be present for your children.

4.) Is there anything you do for YOU that helps you keep your true self? If so, what is it?

YOGA!!! :D

5.) What has been your most proud moment as a parent so far?

Every time my son, Lucas, reaches a milestone, it's a proud moment.  The excitement on his face, in his eyes and the sheer joy that bubbles out when he accomplishes something as simple as getting his own toothbrush and toothpaste and brushing his teeth all by himself....it just is adorable.  He likes to show off everything he's able to do....I'm proud to have a son who has such a thirst for life and new adventure.

6.) Are you involved with any charities?  If so, why and how?

Second Harvest Food Bank.  Through my studio we offer an annual food drive during the summer months, since this is a lean time for the food banks.  It just breaks my heart to think that young children, in our own backyard, have no to little food.  I think it's so important for our children's development to be nourished with whole, healthy foods.  I match dollar for dollar all donations made at the studio.

7.) Is there anything else you want to add?

It's difficult to balance everything, especially when you own your own business and have kids, but it's so worthwhile!  If you want something out of life that seems impossible, just do one thing everyday that gets you closer and closer to where you want to be.  Be present to change, rather than resistant...it can be a good thing!

We both are constantly thinking about this blog and ways to improve it, but the tough part is making it happen due to our busy schedules. Although we both enjoy blogging we both want to spend time with our families when we get home from work.  During the next few weeks you'll be seeing some changes in this site and for the better!

Every month we will be featuring a parent who is an Urban Warrior Mom or Dad!  We both think parents as warriors trying to battle the daily events and stresses that come with raising a family.  We will also be taking nominations from our readers!  Just tell us who you want us to post about.  It can even be your own mom or dad.  Let us know why you want this urban warrior featured on our site.  If your nomination is featured you get to write about them.

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