Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommies Day Off

Our Mom recently had to run an errand which required us to care for our kiddies the whole day.   Both Mama B and I took the day off from work and went to Santana Row to hang out together and do a little shopping.  Here are some pics of our little outing together. 

                                                         My prince all set to go for his stroll

 Mama B and Mama D are ready!!

 Mama B walking along Santana Row

 Mama B and Mama D favorite Store!!

 I love the wonderful colors and decor they used for their front store window!

 Took some pics of inside the store.  Check out the sofa which is conveniently placed.

                                                         More pics of the store's decor

Love these blue white metal tins

                                              My prince keeping himself busy with his toys.

Pinkberry!  Our fave!

Mama D with her sweet prince.

The sweet prince getting a refreshment to help quench his thirst.

                                                                 Lunch at Pizza Antica.

View from our table outside.

We both love their Ceaser salad.  Their croutons are yummy!  We also ordered pizza but ate it all up before we  took a pic!

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