About Us


We are two new mothers (Berna & Dyna) trying to juggle our 9 to 5 jobs with motherhood and family life. The intent of this blog is to share with other parents and their families about products we love, DIY projects, issues we have faced, and quick & simple recipes which allow parents with no time to have it all.


The website is called Urban Warrior Moms because we consider ourselves modern day warriors who go into battle daily with the stresses of raising a family and also keeping up with the world around them. Every parent is an Urban Warrior.  Our goal is to help other parents as well as to inspire other parents through examples from our own life as well as others.  Recently, we have started a monthly nomination with our readers to feature real life Urban Warriors!


Welcome to Urban Warrior Moms!  My name is Berna and started this site with my twin sister, Dyna (in case you really want to know we are 3 minutes apart!).  I  have a cute 11 month old girl who I love to call "cupcake" and a 2 year old Sheltie (our first baby).  I live in California and love the fact we are close to the beach and also a couple hours drive to the snow.  Mr. F1 (my hubby) has helped me appreciate the great outdoors.  He loves to go camping and snowboarding.  Our "cupcake" has totally added so much love and joy in our household.  If I had a bad day and I see my "cupcake" she helps me feel happy, and I forget all the bad stuff that happened that day.

I work as an Engineer for a memory company and lucky to be working in a group that is parent friendly.  I wish it was pet friendly too.

When I have free time I love looking at baby products.  It's amazing how creative people are.  I still look at crib bedding and newborn items even if my daughter is past that stage!  You can also find me looking at home decorating magazines and fashion magazines as well.   Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.  I used to scrapbook a lot, but decided to stop after I had my daughter due to lack of time and space.  I usually blog at night when my "cupcake" is asleep.  I am so happy I share a blog with my sister, because I don't think I'd be able to blog daily by myself!


Hi, my name is Dyna!  I am a new mommy to an adorable little guy who I call my Prince.  He is the joy of my life who loves to make mommy laugh with his coo-ing and ahh-ing.  Everyday is an adventure with this little guy and he has allowed me to see the world in a new light.  

I live in California and l-o-v-e the nice warm weather.  I love my fruit trees in my yard: lemons, oranges, and tangerines.  I love looking out my kitchen window to see the nice green grass and the sun shining on my magnolia tree. 
Besides being a new mommy and a wife, I am also an Engineer at a Semiconductor company.  Balancing work and being a mom has been challenging, but I have a wonderful husband (Mr. Techie) who helps me out.
I started blogging to keep myself entertained during my son’s night feedings and pumping sessions. Most of my blogging happens between 2-4am.  I love to share my personal stories of being a new mommy, major milestones, fabulous finds and quick & simple recipes, hoping to help and inspire other parents.

Thanks for stopping by and please come by again!

B & D