Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Knock Knock....

My daughter loves IQ Baby Knock Knock blocks.  I have to give these blocks credit for helping her learn how to crawl.  We would put her at one end of her crawling mat and make a tower of blocks on the other side of the mat.  She would try all her might to go towards the tower of blocks to knock it over.  At first she accomplished this by rolling, then it turned to military elbow style, and finally crawling!

These blocks are very colorful and each side is made from different fabric.  This is great because your baby will be able to see different colors and feel different textures.  Each block also makes a different noise and also has either  a window or a door which one can open to entertain your baby.
I love these blocks because they are soft.  My daughter loves to grab things and throw them down...usually at me!  One time she took my iphone and threw it at my face!  I was kind of worried I would have to explain to my coworkers how I got a black eye....luckily it never bruised.  I am a bit of a neat freak, so the fact these blocks come in a zipped up bag is a plus for me.


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