Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Family One Meal

What is One Family One Meal?
One Family One Meal was founded on the belief that families do not need to feed children separate, pared down meals every night. The kitchen and dining room table can be the foundation for bringing families together to share healthy, nourishing meals. One Family One Meal simplifies cooking for busy parents by providing family-friendly recipes, menu plans, and customizable shopping and budgeting tools. By following the One Family One Meal program, your family can save hundreds of dollars every year. (

There are 6 reasons to join One Family One Meal:
  • Eat together as a family
  • Cook one meal for everyone
  • Cut shopping time
  • Waste less and save time
  • Recipes for restrictive diets
  • Feed your family a nutritious diet
One Family One Meal allows you to choose the recipes you are interested in , puts the recipes in your virtual recipe box, and creates a shopping list for you!  How cool is that?!  No need to go through recipe books and write down your shopping list anymore.  In addition, each recipe featured has $ codes that allows you to know the cost in making the dish. The more $ the more the dish would cost in making it!

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