Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was a little hesitant buying the O-ball for my son thinking he may not like it since it's just a ball with holes, but boy was I wrong!  The O-ball is one of my son's favorite toys.  The ball has holes where the baby can easily grab it.  He can spend a good 30 mins just putting his hands randomly into the holes, grabbing it, turning the ball around, and throwing the ball.  It's a good way for the baby to develop their hand and eye coordination.  I just leave the ball on my son's chest while he's lying down, and he just takes the ball and starts playing it.

The ball is made of very flexible material so you can throw it at someone and it won't hurt.  You can even put the ball in the dishwasher if you want a quick wash!  It's so durable.

Rhino Toys O-ball gets two thumbs up from my son.  I highly recommend getting this ball for anyone who wants their baby to practice their hand and eye coordination.


  1. We had a small one for Nathan that we kept in his diaper bag. It was useful to keep him occupied during diaper changes. But we lost it on an outing. :( We just replaced it and also got a larger one yesterday! I like that he can throw them and I'm not worried about anything breaking.

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine! That's one thing I love about O-balls, they are safe to throw. It's one less thing to worry about.