Friday, May 27, 2011

Back to Reality

I recently went back to work a couple weeks ago, and I can tell you it was not easy. Yes, I missed my son but at the same time just trying to get used to the routine of getting ready for work plus taking care of my prince took some time to get used too.   Not having my daily afternoon naps was very hard for me, since these naps helped me catch up with my much needed rest from those night feedings.

During the whole time I was on maternity leave I handled most of the house chores and pretty much took care my baby boy..  I was the one getting up doing the night shifts while my husband, Mr. Techie (will call him Techie cause he loves hi-tech gadgets) was in bed sleeping sound asleep.  The only time Mr. Techie lend a hand with caring for our son is if  I  took a shower, cooked, or to handle our son's colicky phase.

It wasn't until I went back to work that he really helped out. I complained to him before hand telling him there was no way our previous routine would work when I go back to work, so he needed to start helping out with the night shifts.  Well, day 1 didn't pan out the way I wanted because I still ended up doing the night shift...lonesome me...while surprise surprise...Mr. Techie was in deep sleep.  The next morning I complained to Mr. Techie, and he told me I need to wake him up, throw something at him, or kick him.  So that night... I woke up Mr. Techie.  He got up from the bed and started caring for our prince.  After two weeks of waking Mr. Techie up,  he got used to his new night job and both of us were starting to get into the rhythm of our new routines.

Just a few days ago, Mr. Techie even offered to take care of our prince. Yes, I said offered!  I was speechless at first and paused a bit before I joyfully said YES!  I gladly handed over our son while I ate some cheesecake and browsed the web.  He even told me to take my time, no need to rush. I almost gagged from shock.  Later that night, while our son was asleep my husband asked me how I managed to cook, clean, take care of our prince, and do the night shifts all by myself.  He realized what I went through for 4 months. I just told him, "That's easy...for our son."

Nowadays, my hubby helps me out with taking care of our prince and doing the chores. He picks up after himself and does the laundry. During weekdays he drops our son off at grandma's house while I pick him up. When I'm too tired to cook, he gets dinner.  I do admit it was tough getting Mr. Techie into the groove of things.  Having a full time job and being a parent is difficult, and both parents need to discuss about each other's roles.


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