Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Me and My Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes are fun keepsake projects which lets you turn cherished momentos into art work.  It also allows you to see them in a daily basis rather than stored and hidden somewhere.

I have saved a few items from my daughter's birth which I knew I wanted to incorporate in her room:
  • daughter's first top
  • daughter's first knit cap
  • daughter's ultrasound
  • daughter's and mother's hospital i.d. bracelet
I simply used old handkerchiefs I had lying around for the background.  You can use scrapbook paper if you have that on hand or even gift wrapper.   I got my shadow boxes from Pottery Barn Kids.   I plan to update these shadow boxes as she gets older as well, so they will definitely be on her walls for years to come.   They are not that difficult to do and is a great project for those who don't have a lot of time.

Shadow box opens up, and I just place items inside.  I set them using pins.

Finished product! Very simple.  Took me a minute to do.

Wala! Another shadow box.  This also only took a minute to do.

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