Friday, May 6, 2011

Colicky Babies & Calming Them Down

After my son turned 3 weeks old, my son started to cry endlessly once 5 pm hit.  He would cry from 5-9pm straight.  He cried so much his face would turn red.  We knew newborns were known to eat, sleep, poop, and pee.  We checked for all these things, and our son would still cry.  We finally told our doctor about our son's crying, and she told us our son had Colic.

As any parent who has experienced their baby being colicky, it's no fun.  It was really hard to hear our baby cry and not being able to comfort him.  It can also be very fustrating hearing your baby cry endlessly.  My husband and I tagged team when we dealt with our son during his colicky phase.  I would try to comfort him for an hour then he would take over then after an hour I would take over and so on.  After a couple of weeks of trial and error and searching through the web, we finally found a couple of ways to comfort our son. 

I read by doing one or a combination of the 5 S's you can calm your baby down.  The 5 S's are the following:
  • swaddling
  • side/stomach holding
  • shushing
  • swinging
  • sucking
 Two ways we found that helped our son was the side/stomach holding and sucking.  Our son finally calmed down when we held him on his side while he sucked on his pacifier or what we call Mr. Winkie.  Another move that helped was having him lay on one of us on his stomach.  It's true you shouldn't lay your baby on their stomach, but this is done while the parent is awake. 

It can be very fustrating for a parent when dealing with a baby who has Colic but one must not give up. There is a way to calm your baby down, believe me we tried and tried.  After two weeks and a lot of patience we found out how to soothe him.  We were so overjoyed not only for some peace and quiet but to not see our son cry.


  1. Great info! Wanted to stop by to say thank you for commenting on my guest post at Alamode. I really appreciate it. So glad I could make that pillow work - I had to have it!