Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Sign Language

I recently came across a website promoting Baby Sign Language.  I found it fascinating and was very interested in trying it out with my son when he turns 6 months.  I think it's a good way for my son to learn to communicate with me as well as people around him before his speech develops.   He can express his needs to me without me second guessing why he is crying.  Signs I am personally interested in are the simple ones such as milk, eat, bed, and potty. 

Once the time comes, I'll give you an update how my son is coming along with his baby sign language.  I am pretty excited to see how he will respond.  It will take a lot of patience and perseverance, but isn't that what being a parent is all about.


  1. Also check out

    They have DVDs - "Baby Signing Time" and "Signing Time". Nathan got the first three "Signing Time" DVDs for his birthday and we've started watching the first.

  2. Thanks for sharing Christine! Will take a look at that site.