Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tick Tock

Time is something that doesn't exist anymore once you have a baby.  Your whole life revolves around them and usually the only time you get to rest is when you sleep!  My schedule goes something like this during a typical weekday:

6:30AM - Wake up and get ready for work.  Pack up all the baby food for today.
My  bed
7:00AM -  Get Cupcake ready.  Change her diaper, change her clothes, comb her hair.  Feed her a bottle of formula and bowl of fruit with oatmeal.

Cupcake's breakfast:  homemade baby food, baby oatmeal cereal, baby formula
7:30 AM - Call my mom and tell her I am on my way (It takes about 40 minutes to get to her house)

My cell phone. 

8:10 AM - Finally arrive at my mom's house and drop off Cupcake along with all of her baby supplies.
Cupcake's baby bag.  I use a regular backpack.
8:20 AM - Get to work
Photo from Honda website.  Seriously, this is my car...or bus. Same color.
11:30 AM - Drive back home 

Another photo from Honda website.  My interior is this color.

12:00 PM -  Feed the dog her lunch and take her out to play and potty.
Our dog.  Great gal!

1:00 PM - Give dog Pupperoni after she does her "business".  Leave to go back to work
My van also has a rear view camera.  Without it I probably wouldn't be able to drive one.

1:30 PM - Arrive back at work.  I usually eat at my desk while I work if I didn't eat while I was at home.

6:00 PM - Leave work and pick up Cupcake

6:15 PM - Arrive at my mom's house.  Talk to my mom and ask her how her day went.  Leave for home.

6:45 PM -  Arrive at home, greet the dog.  Feed the dog dinner while I put Cupcake on the "Around We Go" playcenter.  Prepare bath for Cupcake and set out everything for Cupcake's bath time (new diaper, new clothes, massage oil, lotion, etc.) while dog is eating.  After our dog eats, I take her outside along with Cupcake.  We finally go back inside after the dog goes potty.  I give dog a treat.
Our dog's food bowl

7:00 PM - Hubby arrives home and starts cooking while I take Leia to the bathroom for a bath.   Bath time probably only is 10-15 minutes....that includes massage, the bath itself, drying, applying lotion, and dressing her up.
I use the Fisher-Price Aquarium Bathtub.

7:30 PM - Feed cupcake bottle of Formula

Cupcake's Bottle

8:00 PM- Get ready for bedtime while hubby cleans up kitchen and washes dishes.

8:30 - 9:00 PM - Cupcake finally falls asleep!

9:00 PM- 11:00 PM Clean the house and make baby food for tomorrow (if needed).   Hubby takes dog out for a walk.  Prepare things for next day and see items which need to be done.    If I still have time, I blog. Otherwise, I shower and sleep.
My Chalk Calendar!

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