Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuck on Number 4

I finally had time to get a frame for a print I bought  from  Mateo and Tobias  store in Etsy.  Thank you Cathy! I just love the print and it looks even better hanging in my son's room.  If you missed our Facebook link to Mateo and Tobias, you should go and see all the cute handmade plush toys and colorful wall art she does.  The great part is, her stuff is reasonably priced!  You can customize the color for some of her wall art which makes finding what you want easy.  Not only do you get a great deal, the wall print adds a wonderful touch to your room's decor.

Anyway, I am almost done with my to do list for my son's room.  Of course I decided to start my list at #4 and work my way up.  But it seems I've been stuck on #4 for a while, dreading the unavoidable...#1 moving my shoes out.  Maybe, it's natural for a woman to be dreading anything that deals with closet space or her shoes... in this case both.  In the end I will have to deal with it so I will have to either find a new place for my shoes or start donating some of them (sniff sniff).

To Do List:
  1. Take my shoes out of his closet. - Yes! I admit it... I am still using his closet space.  I have to figure out where to put all my wonderful beautiful shoes.
  2. Organize his dresser.  - I've been dreading this but I have to face it. I need to take all the clothes that are too small for him out and see what clothes he needs for the upcoming months.
  3. Take out stuff my son no longer uses. - I know he is just 6 months old, but can you believe he has stuff in his room he no longer uses?  Like his size 1 diapers and his swaddling blankets
  4.  Finalize on room decor - I actually enjoy doing this.
Will update you how far I get on my list.  I am hoping I can finish my list by the time summer ends.  We will see...

To be continued

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  1. I am so happy that you are enjoying your wall print, Dyna! :) It looks so fabulous framed! I love your choice of frame, so gorgeous!

    The things that are on your to do list are on mine too! :) I still have tons of baby outfits and baby things, that I *know* I need to donate, but just can't bear to...and my kids are 3 and 6! :) But ah, the memories associated with those items. :)

    And the shoes, yep, I'm a shoe addict. I finally gave away alot, but still have WAY too many! :)

    Have a great day!
    Cathy ♥