Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY: July Fourth Wreath

I want to share with you my Fourth of July wreath that I created.

I got inspired by this tutorial on "Making Wreath with Rolled Flowers" over at Hyphen Interiors.  This blog's owner is Kristy Swain who is a Design Enthusiast!  Kristy Swain gives tips on home design in her blog by sharing DIY decor projects, trends to watch in interior design,  and even her own design projects.  Get this... she also offers design services and even gives advice to her blog to readers who have hit a road block in decorating their homes.

I was so excited to create a Fourth of July wreath and try the rolled flowers after I saw the pic below!

The foam wreath is wrapped with cloth, the paper flowers (scrapbook paper)  are glued and pinned into the foam wreath.

But, mine didn't turn out so well.  My rolled flowers looked awful!  I think it was because the patterns on the paper I had selected were too big, and they ended up looking like sea shells!  My wreath looked so awful that I didn't bother taking pics of it.

I thought about another way to decorate my blank white wreath and got an idea.  I had purchased these Fourth of July gels from Target for  only $1 and decided to use those instead of the rolled up flowers I had created.  It all worked out fine at the end.   I followed everything from Kristy's blog except for the flowers which I substituted with the star gels.  I apologize for the really bad photos, but at midnight light is terrible, and I am not much of a photographer.

These were my supplies: Foam wreath, ribbon, white yarn, and paper (for the flowers)

Instead of cloth like in Kristy's blog I decided to use yarn instead.

My paper flowers didn't turn out so well, so decided to use the stars from these gel stickons which cost only $1.
My finished wreath!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! That was one of the coolest "write ups" that I've ever seen. I love that you tried Andrea's tutorial. I get excited to see people try anything from my blog. And, I loved that you tracked us through how it didn't go well and what you did instead. It turned out great!

  2. Kristy, your welcome. Thank you for your comments! Have a Happy 4th!