Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garlands Galore!

Garlands galore!  I was browsing through Etsy looking for garlands and found various types being offered.  Check out these garlands from Short Cake Party Picks.  They are so colorful and can not only use them for parties but also in bedrooms too!  I just love the pom pom garlands made of yarn.  It looks so soft and plush adding a nice touch to any child's room.  Short Cake Party Picks allows you to pick the colors for the garlands too!  So you can customize it to a party or room color scheme!

Color Yarn Pom Garland
Tulle Pom Garland
Felt Fringe Garland in Blue and Green

Felt Fringe Garland in soft pink and hot pink
Crochet Flower Garland

Another Etsy shop I found is  Sugar Owl Design. They sell these beautiful butterfly garlands available in various motifs.  They have butterflies in Tropical Island colors and prints as shown below.  They have these garlands in Picnic Jubilee, Ocean Meets Sky, Strawberry Cream, and Fashionista. These gorgeous garlands are made of high quality cotton fabric sewn together with heavy duty upholstery thread. The smaller inside layer of wings have also been individually pressed to achieve a 3D effect. These garlands can be used for parties as well as decor to add color to a room!

Butterfly Garland in Tropical Paradise

If you are looking for  good classic pom pom garlands, Pom Love has them!  Again, these garlands can be custom made so colors can be designed by you!  Won't these look pretty in a nursery?

Pink, Peach, Purple Pom Pom Garland

Want to go neutral?  You can get a beige and white one!

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