Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Family Get Together!

This past Saturday marked a very important event for my little Prince.  My little Prince was welcomed into our church through baptism!  It was a moment my family has been waiting for ever since he was born.  There was another baby being baptized that same day.  The funny thing about it is the couple who had their baby baptized that same day also got married the same day as Mr. Techie and me!  Their wedding ceremony was just later in the afternoon.  We even took the same pre-marriage classes together!

What a coincidence right??  Did I also tell you they have a baby boy like us??  and their son is just two weeks older than ours??  Well, when they saw us, we decided to finally exchange contact information.  I am planning to send them a quick email later this week!  Guess our paths were bound to cross since it seems our paths in life are similar!

Anyway, going back to the baptism, my Prince was such as good baby boy that day.  He didn't even cry after being showered with COLD water...Brrrrr.  He just made a sad pout (which made mommy nervous) and reached out for mommy and daddy.  I quickly wiped his head with a towel just so he wouldn't be dripping wet.  I was a VERY proud mommy during that moment, and Mr. Techie was a VERY proud daddy as well.  You can clearly see it from the huge smiles on our faces.

My Prince getting toweled down by Mama D
Here's a picture of Mama B with her Cupcake and me with my Prince.  No, our babies aren't giants. Mama B and I are actually...short...that's why our babies are half our size.  Yes, I am 5 feet tall and was able to give birth to an 8 lb baby boy!  You wouldn't expect that right???  Both Mr. Techie and I were surprise when our little Prince came out...we were expecting a baby 7lbs max.  I blamed my long labor on his genes.

Mama B and Mama D with their little ones.  Hmm..I wonder what the little cuties are both looking at?
 After the baptism ceremony, we went to Amici's!  They are so baby friendly, and we totally enjoyed our meal there!  I just LOVE it when restaurants have those high chairs that flip over so it can carry car seats.  It is so convenient, especially for a baby who is not used to sitting  yet.
Prince's car seat on the high chair

My Prince with his Auntie, Mama B
Here was the menu for our little Family gathering:

Typical Rolls and butter
My FAVORITE salad of theirs, Artichoke Panzanella Salad.  I just love how the capers burst with flavor for each serving you put in your mouth...  Yuh-mee!
Artichoke Panzanella Salad
Spicy Pepper Chicken

Here is Mr F1's favorite, Linguine with Red Clam Sauce.  That was indeed a very good pasta!  Thanks for the recommendation.  I've never had Pasta at Amici's only their pizzas and salads.

Linguine with red clam sauce

After we ate our lunch, this is how we found our sweet Prince.  He wasn't fidgeting in his car seat...he was completely out of it.  Our little Prince was in La La Land...napping peacefully while his parents ate their lunch, enjoying their meals with good company.  What a HAPPY day it was for us...NOT only did our son get baptized, spend time with the family, BUT mommy and daddy were able to eat at the same time!
My Prince napping after an exhausting morning.

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