Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Itzy Ritzy

I recently got my Snack Happened and Wet Happened bags from Itzy Ritzy that I bought through OpenSky from Project Nursery! I absolutely LOVE them!  I bought the Urban Jungle Blue for my son and Licorice Swirl for myself.  The Snack Happened bags are not only reusable and washable, but they are also FDA approved & BPA Free!  The fabric is made from 100% cotton and is lined with thick and lush PVC-Free waterproof lining.  The Snack bags are 7" x 7" and are machine washable.  They can be used to carry snacks, fruit, sandwiches, cell phone cords, lotions, toiletries...the list goes on and on.  Kids and adults can use them!

Use them to carry snacks. 
Use them to carry baby stuff
Use them to carry lotions or sunglasses
The Wet Happened bags are bigger than the snack bags which allow you to carry diapers, swimwear, clothes, and the list goes on.  These bags will not wick even with the wettest items and are machine washable!  The Wet Happened bags come in two sizes:
  • Medium 11” x 14” holds 4-6 cloth diapers
  • Large 14” x 17” holds 6-8 cloth diapers
I got the 11" x 14" Wet bags, again in Urban Jungle Blue and Licorice Swirl.  I love the Urban Jungle Blue print, so cute and adorable!  I placed a few of my son's gear in the bag and took some pictures of the wet bag!  There's still plenty of room for more stuff!

Wet Bag filled with my son's "stuff"

one onesies, 3 diapers, a burp cloth, and cotton wipe

Son's stuff as it goes in the Wet bag

Son's stuff in the Wet bag...and room for more!

These bags come in a variety of wonderful designs your little one will love!  They recently came out with new designs such as Funky Monkey Remix and Peace Love!   Be sure to check out Itzy Ritzy!

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