Friday, July 1, 2011

Preparing for the Biggest Birthday Party!

There's a BIG birthday coming up, and all of us will be celebrating.  America's Birthday is July 4 which is just a couple of days away!  Are you all prepared?  My family is...of course you probably already know that if you read this.  Mr. F1, "cupcake", myself, and even the dog have all our flag tees ready to wear (except for the dog who will be sporting a red, white, and blue scarf).

If you haven't been bitten by the July 4th bug hope these pictures will get you in the mood.   All of these pics are from the Martha Stewart website.

Mama D will make this dessert this weekend!  Can't wait!

My husband and his whole family know I love cake!

I love these stars shaped shortcake!

Dressing up one's bike for July 4th can be a great yearly tradition for kids.

Love this spread here!  Simple and not too over the top!

Pinwheels! Here they are placed on a bike basket!  How cute is that!

Love the star garlands in this pic.  Not too overwhelming.

These look great and will dress up any space!

These  yummy parfaits are very patriotic.  

Ah yes!  The white picket fence...the American Dream!  Even more lovelier when all dressed up for July 4th!

I love linens.  It's amazing how little touches like these go a long way. 

I HEART ice cream!  This is such an easy dessert to prepare and  fits into the color scheme.

Of course I had to add a pic of a dog!  My dog is cuter! ;-)

Wish I had a gazebo at home...maybe add it to Mr. F1's "To Do " list!  Love this...I am currently working on my backyard hideaway.  Will share about that in a later post!

My family is going to have our yearly July 4th BBQ.   We usually have it at my parents' home, but this year we'll be having it at our house.   It'll be a special one since it'll be the first July 4th for both prince and cupcake!  Will share about our celebration at my house next week....hope I remember to take pictures!  What are your plans for the 4th?

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