Monday, June 13, 2011

Urban Warriors Featured Monthly

We both are constantly thinking about this blog and ways to improve it, but the tough part is making it happen due to our busy schedules. Although we both enjoy blogging we both want to spend time with our families when we get home from work.  During the next few weeks you'll be seeing some changes in this site and for the better!

Every month we will be featuring a parent who is an Urban Warrior Mom or Dad!  We both think parents as warriors trying to battle the daily events and stresses that come with raising a family.  We will also be taking nominations from our readers!  Just tell us who you want us to post about.  It can even be your own mom or dad.  Let us know why you want this urban warrior featured on our site.  If your nomination is featured you get to write about them.

Now we all know once something is posted on the web it gets immediately stored somewhere and can be captured by other search engines.  Please be aware it will be made public for the whole world to see.  You may want to ask for permission first before nominating someone you know.  We aren't responsible for any disputes or issues which occur with a post.

Thank you for your continuous support!   We are accepting nominations, so if you have one send them


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