Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Hunt for Grandma's Double Stroller

I consider myself pretty lucky I don't have to take my daughter to day care.  Instead,  my mom looks after both my daughter and nephew while my sister and I are at work.   My mom loves to take walks around the park near her home, so my sister and I got her a double stroller.  We wanted to get a stroller that would be easy for her to use and at the same time all terrain so if she wanted to take them somewhere with no sidewalks she wouldn't find it too difficult to push.

I knew that if I got an all terrain stroller made by a popular brand my mom would probably freak out since it is pretty expensive, so I had to think about the cost too.  After doing research, I found the Instep Safari Swivel Double Jogger to be the best candidate. 

  • The front wheel actually locks forward for easier control or can swivel.  
  • Each child has their own canopy so if one wants more sun than the other, no problem.  
  • One child can be inclined to seated position while the other can be in a sleeping position.
  • Each child has their own tray w/ cup holder.
  • The rear pnuematic tires are 16' while the front is 12'.
  • The handle is one solid bar that goes across which was a must by my mom's request.
  • It also comes with 2 parent cup holders too!  My mom can also take a water bottle for herself.
  • The compartment underneath is pretty big and easy to get to.  
  • The cost....$179.99! 

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