Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY: Poppin Art!

It's Pop Art!

I wanted to give my son's room a modern and vibrant art piece above his crib so I tried this DIY Pop Art I found on the Family Fun website. I did my Pop Art on a portrait of my 4 month old son wearing his shades and hat. It gave out a smooth cool vibe which I thought went well with the Pop Art look.

To do this DIY Pop Art you will need the following:
Colored paper
Card stock or matte board
Double sided tape

1. You will need to printout four black and white copies of a photograph of your child's face on colored paper. You might have to play around with the contrast if it isn't strong enough. I decided to make copies on lime green, hot pink, yellow, and orange paper.  I then cut the images out as shown below.

2. Then glue them to pieces of contrasting colored paper as shown.

3. Finally, mount the photos on card stock or matte board with double-sided tape, and it's ready to be framed!

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