Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Really Cute Green Toys Made From Milk Jugs

We aren't talking about toys that are green in color, we are talking about the toy company Green Toys.  Toys that are environmentally friendly.   Of course they are safe and free of chemicals or harmful toxins.  They also try to manufacture these toys in a manner that produces least amount of green house gases and conserves energy.  These toys are made in the U.S.A (in California, my home state). The shocker....these toys are made from recycled milk jugs! That's 100% recycled milk jugs!  Their toys have won numerous awards and have been featured on numerous magazines and on television.  Below is just a small sample of  toys that Green Toys offer.  We love how their toys cover all age ranges from babies to kids!  We especially love that they also cover all types too... from building blocks to an indoor gardening kit to bath toys such as the tug boats!  Seriously...how much greener can you get with an indoor gardening kit?!  Bath time will never be the same when your kids get a hold of these adorable vibrant colored tug boats.  It even has a wide spout so your kids can scoop and pour water, how fun is that! Not only do they offer fire trucks and race cars...they also make recycling trucks!  I normally don't say this but.... their recycling trucks are actually darn cute! They really want to promote being Green!

Be sure to check Green Toys out!

Indoor gardening kit

Building Blocks

Fire Truck

Race Car

Recycling Truck


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