Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mr. Techie's First Father Day!

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Father's Day with your family.  We celebrated Father's Day at my house one day early since we planned to celebrate Father's Day with my sister's family along with my parents.  By 7 am,  I was already in the kitchen cooking for our brunch.  True it was a lot of work for just my hubby and myself since the little one is only 5 months old...but I wanted my hubby to have a 1st Father's Day  he would remember.  The menu was going to include my hubby's favorite brunch items: eggs and bacon.

What was on the menu?  I ended up making roasted red bell peppers and mushroom frittata.  I got the idea from the Williams-Sonoma website.  In addition to the frittata I had the usual sides: warm rolls, potato hash browns, and some apple wood bacon.  Must not forget the bacon!  For refreshments,  I made some Pomegranate Cranberry Bellinis..something sweet and tart.  For dessert, I made peach cobbler from the All American Chinese Cookbook website.  This dessert is very easy to make and also yummy.  It tastes even better with vanilla ice cream which I also had.  I even took the time to decorate the table by taking out one of our yellow runners and placing the Father's Day cards on the table as decor.  I also created some garlands from scrapbook paper to hang on the chandelier to add a more festive mood.  For the center piece, I used star wands I found at Michaels.  It was Father's Day...and my hubby was the star for the weekend!
 Father's Day cards, Peach cobbler w/ ice cream, hash browns, Bellinis

When Mr. Techie woke up and walked into the dining room, he was very surprised!  He knew I was going to cook something for brunch, but he didn't expect a festive spread prepared especially for him.  I had hoped I made Mr. Techie's 1st Father's Day an enjoyable and memorable one, and after the brunch I knew I had fulfilled my mission.
Fritatta, Star center piece, garlands, bacon

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