Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Finally Here!!!

My Mother's Day gift arrived over the weekend in a beautiful paper box with a red ribbon!  I know... Mother's Day was on May 8, but I took my time picking out my Mother's Day gift from my hubby, Mr. Techie.  I knew I wanted a mommy necklace but couldn't decide which one I wanted.  There's so many out there... so it's hard for a girl to make her decision. 
After a week of deciding I chose a necklace from Anna Bee Jewelry. It was a non-traditional front knot 2 disc necklace.  The necklace has no clasp, instead it knots at the front and tiny balls keep it from coming undone.  You can loop it through a second time to keep it more secure if you want.  The necklace has 2 sterling silver circles hanging on a 19" chain.  You can choose names, words, or dates to be stamped on each disc.  The disc is also available in gold fill.  I had my two discs stamped with my son's name on it and the other his birthday.  Below is a picture taken from Anna Bee's website  of the necklace I got.

So when the box arrived, I was like a kid opening a gift on Christmas Day.  I excitedly took the red ribbon off and opened the box.  Unwrapping the tissue paper which was carefully wrapping the necklace...I saw my mommy necklace. I just loved it and will wear it proudly!  Thank you for my necklace Mr. Techie!


  1. Hey there! How pretty! I love the necklace!! stopping by from the FNF blog hop (one of the hosts!) Hope to see you on all my blogs! I have giveaways going on two of my blogs! Come by and enter!!

  2. Hi Shelly! Thanks for loving the necklace, I love it too! We love getting new readers, thanks for stopping by and following us. Have a wonderful weekend! -D

  3. How gorgeous! I was suppose to get a camera but my computer crashed so I got another computer instead. I am greedy I still want and need a camera ;)

    I am already following GFC and FB. I am also following you via FNF weekend blog hop. Stop by my blog and follow me any way you like.

  4. Hi Patricia! Thanks for your comment! Hope you are enjoying your new computer. Thanks for following us GFC and FB as well as FNF! You made our weekend! :-)