Friday, June 17, 2011

How Important are Fathers?

Fathers or Father figures are so important in a child's life that even the U.S. Government got involved in promoting its importance last year.  On June 21, 2010, President Obama spoke about the Fatherhood and Mentorship Initiative and  The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NFRC) was created.

The NFRC's primary objectives are:
  • Promote responsible, caring, and effective parenting
  • Enhance the abilities and commitment of unemployed or low-income father to provide material support for their families and to avoid or leave welfare programs
  • Improve fathers' ability to effectively manage family business affairs
  • Encourage and support healthy marriages and married fatherhood
The NFRC website really wants Fathers to be involved in their child's life, child's school, and child's community.  It gives Fathers advice in what weekly activities to do with their child.  It also gives advice on how you can  help other children who are missing a Father in their lives.  In today's busy lifestyle, both parents need to participate in the child's life.  It's not all about bringing home the dough anymore.

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