Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trying to go au naturale?

I don't know about you , but my baby likes to lick and chew anything he can get his hand on.  He especially loves to chew on anything especially terry cloth!  So I went on-line to see if there are any organic teethers made of terry cloth.  Sure enough I found RiNGLEY Natural Teethers.   Once it arrived, I gave it a good wash and gave it to my son.  My son hasn't let go of it ever since!  Bye Bye pacifier...Hello RiNGLEY! His new RiNGLEY teether has actually saved us since he can now calm himself  down with his new teether.  He no longer cries or whines because he wants his mommy or daddy to put his pacifier back in his mouth.  As you can see from the picture below he also loves to chew on the Maple wood ring.  My son gives it two thumbs up! 

RiNGLEY Natural Teethers is the original Canadian natural teether made of untreated Canadian Maple and 100% organic cotton terry cloth.  The soft terry cloth is all natural. No harmful chemicals or dyes were added to the cloth.  RiNGLEY is able provide babies and toddlers with two different textures with it's simple design. 

It's designed so your baby can easily grip the ring and cloth. RiNGLEY was designed with a child's development in mind. Since infants learn through tactile stimulus, touching and putting things in their mouths, the need for a product made without harmful chemicals and dyes is important.  Cleaning has never been easy. Just detach the cloth from the ring via velcro and put it in the wash! It's both safe and efficient, enabling your baby/toddler to satisfy their chewing/teething needs au naturale.

Ringley Natural Teethers comes in 5 innovative designs:  RiNGLEY Junior, RiNGLEY Knotted, RiNGLEY Ball {with rattle inside}, RiNGLEY Straight, RiNGLEY sun.  Take your pick and go au naturale!

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