Friday, September 2, 2011

Virtual Vacation to Bali

My sister and I went to Bali, Indonesia a few years back before we both got married.  I had a desire to travel ever since I came across a quote from St. Augustine, "“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Well...I took this to heart and I wanted to see the world as much as I can.

Going to Bali opened my eyes on how people can live simply and still be very happy.  Many people go to Bali and just to spend most of their time on the beach drinking and soaking up the sun... my sister and I decided to learn the Balinese culture.  My sister and I stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  I much for simple right?  We wanted to be away from the busy touristy areas to avoid any bombing which was going on during that time.

Above picture is a path where visitors can have a picnic at the beach organized by the Ritz Carlton.  The picture doesn't do was really gorgeous.

One of the many beautiful sunsets

Mama B sitting by the Infinity pool at the Ritz

Getting a picture with the cast of one of the plays we watched.

Night atmosphere at the hotel.  This is where we ate our breakfast in the mornings.

This a  famous temple during low tide.  At high tide, the area where the people are is covered by water.

This was taken at the Lake Bratan in Bali.

No this is no food stand.  It's the town's offering to their gods.

More food offerings. 
One of many rice fields in Bali.  We saw some women taking a bath in the river near by.  They really live simply.

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