Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking a Long Flight? Consider Playtex Drop-in Bottles

My hubby and I recently took a trip to visit his parents overseas.  The total flight time was 18+ hrs and included 2 stopovers  This meant I would have to feed my little “cupcake” 6 times during the whole duration of our trip. 

Two concerns I had while I was pondering on what to pack were:
1.) I didn’t want to pack six 8 oz bottles in our carry on with all the diapers I was going to have to lug around.  
2.) I also didn’t want to use the water on the airplane to wash the bottles (especially since there’s a sign in the bathroom stating the water is not to be used for drinking).

I found out about Playtex Drop-ins from my cousin who had taken her daughter to Italy, so after looking it up online I decided to try it out.  With Playtex Drop-ins I just had to pack one bottle, 6 bottle nipples, and 6 Drop-in liners.   When it came to washing I just needed to switch the bottle nipples and toss the liner after each feeding.  No need to wash the bottle!  I am aware this isn't the "greenest" solution, but with the amount of time I had it was the best.

Otherwise, this was one happy mama.

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